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In just 15 minutes, our Progressive Muscle Relaxation method reduces stress and boosts your immunity.


What is Progressive Muscle Relaxation?

Doctors at Harvard Medical School developed the Progressive Muscle Relaxation method. It is a clinically-proven way to generate the “relaxation response” that counteracts stress.

Good for your heart

Studies show a 15-minute relaxation intervention improves health and boosts immunity to disease.

Easy to learn

Our audio guides you into deep relaxation. Just stretch out, play the audio, and follow along.

Yours to keep

Download, sync to iTunes or your mp3 device, and play anywhere. No apps or subscriptions needed!

Here’s what’s included in your session

Your fully-guided whole-body Progressive Muscle Relaxation session is led by Colin D. Stone, a Professional Relaxation Therapist who has trained hundreds of people in relaxation techniques. Colin uses psychologically calming music and clear, easy to follow instructions to make learning enjoyable. As you learn how to eliminate physical tension in the muscle groups, you’ll discover why this re-wires the brain to be more relaxed in day-to-day life. Colin concludes your session with an energizing series of positive affirmations to put you in the right frame of mind for an excellent day!

TitleProgressive Muscle Relaxation
TherapistColin D. Stone (MASC, BSYA)
Length15 minutes
FormatHigh-definition mp3 (320kbps), 37 MB zip
Best forDaily practice (daytime), stress relief, relaxation training
Relaxation Training: Progressive Muscle Relaxation [audio]
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We do more than just sell audios. Our learning programs come with real support from real people who are dedicated to helping you train to be more relaxed and less stressed. We are passionate about helping you grow and learn!

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